4 Risk to Consider Before You Are Tattooed

Since some celebrities have bet on tattoos to express their identity, more and more tattooists are becoming celebrities. And there is nothing wrong with that, as long as the tattoo obsession goes along with the presentation of the potential risks of the beauty process .

Statistics show that over 35% of Americans aged 18-25 have at least one tattoo on their bodies, and mania does not stop growing globally, including in our country. This provokes specialists to point out some of the risks of tattooing , which must be taken into account before proceeding to permanent skin intervention.

Risk of infection
This is the most discussed and known danger of putting a tattoo. The risk may come from a non-sterile environment in the studio, dirty ink, poor skin care after tattooing, and more.

Allergic reaction
Although rare, the tattoo may develop a skin allergic reaction that is unlocked by nickel or mercury in the ink, acting as very potent allergens. An allergic reaction may also develop as a result of uncontrolled exposure to the tattoo area in direct sunlight. In most cases, the skin reaction is temporary, but it can also lead to a permanent deterioration in the quality of the tattoo. Consult the ink quality and possible allergens before tattooing.Image result for 4 Risk to Consider Before You Are TattooedCompromise the results of imaging in the future
There are cases where skin ink ingredients impair the quality of radio wavelengths in nuclear magnetic resonance in a body section where the skin is tattooed. On the one hand, this can lead to incorrect results of the study, and on the other – can provoke burning of the skin in the relevant area. Always inform your doctor about the presence of body tattoos when examining imaging techniques.

Permanent skin damage when removing the
tattoo Removing a tattoo is far less of a simple procedure than placing it. This should be considered before taking the beauty procedure. The laser that breaks down and eliminates pigment ink in removing a tattoo can cause serious damage, and their full set is not yet fully understood. An additional inconvenience is the pain of the procedure, which is comparable to that of tattooing.

These are just a few of the possible risks that need to be met before putting on a tattoo . Especially cautious should be people with sensitive and problematic skin, which are the main group of sufferers in this case.